Curtis Whipple
Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies and Piano Player
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Booking and Prices

Several equipment and service options are available. During your consultation, we will discuss what it is that you are looking to have happen at your event and then I can recommend the equipment  and services needed to make your event just how you want it and you will be quoted a complete price. I attempt to provide a unique and customized event every time.

My professional fee is all-inclusive with travel in the Phoenix Metropolitan area or as far as Flagstaff, Tucson, Yuma or the White Mountains, 7 hours of performance time, an extra sound system for the ceremony, uplighting, video projection, a monogram gobo, a dancefloor lighting rig and live piano for cocktails. You might decide that there are services and equipment that you do not want or need but it is available as part of the price. Set-up and break-down is at my time and expense. The real value is in my personal expertise and you'll get 100% of that in any case.   

For reference, hobbyist/beginner DJs can be found for less than $500 but they may not have the equipment and experience to shine on such an important day. There are journeymen/weekend warrior DJs that are perhaps more experienced and capable for about $1000, but they may have other jobs during the week and may not have the time to really invest in an event further than its basic elements.  The professional, polished and experienced DJs are generally in the $1500 to $2500 range.  

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, I work anywhere in the southwestern US that I can drive to and use my own professional equipment.  I also work anyplace else that I could fly to and locallly rent suitable equipment.  A travel fee for such things is negotiable.  

I will book an event on the very day, if available and could prepare in time, however, as with most professional service providers, to be booked a year in advance is not uncommon. Saturday nights in season and certain holidays are "prime time" and my price is solid. Prices for off-peak events- on weeknights or for events in the summer months or for multiple events are negotiable. Upon signing a contract, 50% will be required as retainer fee.  From that point on, I will be turning away other potential bookings.  The remaining 50% will be due on the day of the event as a performance fee.



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